NWC alumni show
Black Flag
Black Flag Flying

artist's statement:

Since WW2, US militarism and consumption has risen at the expense of all things rational, wise, far-sighted, moral, and compassionate. Instead of crying out, Christianity has become [a] sleazy whore, with killers spewing public prayers. "Democracy" and "freedom" nothing but vulgarities pissed on by the dying in Iraq and Afghanistan and Darfur and wherever else the US turns its greedy eye. The Constitution is spit on by a spineless hypocritical Congress. The world laughs at us when it isn't taking cover. The media is a perpetual evil joke. The Treasury is bankrupt beyond imagining, with people suffering everywhere from no medical care, no education and a rotting economy. Trillions for warfare and death, and oil, and consumer crap, and Exxon and Haliburton, and to hell with the poor.

That is what we get for putting into power human scum bloated with arrogance, deceit, greed, violence, and low intelligence… sociopathic men and women so lacking in vision other than their myopic flawed agendas and of such low morals they are willing to murder populations to accomplish them and then piously lie about it.

We are the enemy. The US is the greatest threat to world peace. Selling weapons to create "stability" and seeding endless war. WE are are the global terrorists. Bush epitomizes America and Americans have become too dulled and too stupid to see it... and too lazy to take a look... and too cowardly to change anything if they did. The new ship of state, the US Titanic. Just keep your eyes closed, you won't feel a thing.